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Taroni foundry

Taroni foundry, founded in 1974, boasts an accomplished tradition in aluminium die gravity casting. During the years, this company has been developing a high know-how in the production of aluminium components thanks to a particular inclination to technological innovation. The attention given to quality is proved by the series of procedures aimed at improving both human resources and business management. A further evidence of this is also given by the Quality System certification done by DNV according to the norm EN UNI ISO 9001:2008. We made several investments in technologies such as the automatic casting plant – provided with two anthropomorphous robots – and the computerized burr machine, which also represents an advantage for occupational safety. Besides, we also internally follow the 3D design of the mold together with the customer, and constantly supervise the external manufacturing. The quality of the product is guaranteed by our analysis lab, which is provided with a spectrometer, an x-ray machine, a density scale, and a traction machine to test the endurance of the alloys.

Our field of work:

  • Alumotives and railways
  • Health and biomedical
  • Illuminating engineering
  • Street furniture and interior design
  • Meat-processing machines
  • Cooking items
  • Boilers
  • Furnishings and design

Why choose us:

  • A unique manager for the order
  • Technical support from the design to the production
  • End product delivery
  • Observance of delivery times
  • 40 years of experience
  • Flexibility
  • Customer co-design

Our Customers



Some aluminium die casting

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Fonderia Taroni
Via dei Fabbri,2
48011 Alfonsine - RA
T +39 0544 84380
Email: info@fonderiataroni.com

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