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What sets us apart from our competitors and what added value we give more to the customer:

Consultancy for the industrialization of the project

progettazioneFoundry Taroni is able to meet the needs of customers in partile from the study of the project. With the customer are analyzed specifications, product use, costs, quality, quantity.
Choice of aluminum alloy most suitable for the realization of the final product
Analysis indicative cost equipment to accomplish.
Thanks to specialized technical personnel and three-dimensional design software, the company embodies the ideas and more diverse in terms of design.
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Thanks to its document management system and information technology we are always able to get under control the progress of the job and move up the chain of forniura of the product and its central location.
The entire production process is assisstito by a barcode system that communicates in real-time all the data necessary for the proper management of the process.


Key performance indicators

kpiOur performance indicators allow us to regularly keep under control every single process in order to implement corrective measures and to define improving plans.





Fonderia Taroni
Via dei Fabbri,2
48011 Alfonsine - RA
T +39 0544 84380
Email: info@fonderiataroni.com

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