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Our Story

This is a beautiful story to tell. A story in which, depending on the point of view, time seems either to fly or to be a very long one, as the changes occurred are so many: accelerations and brakings, as if we were wearing Perrault’s seven league-boots.


This story begins in 1974, in an old stable refurbished on purpose. This is, in fact, the base of operation where Roberto Taroni and a partner of his started their casting enterprise. The aluminium falling in the steel molds is warmed up by two old fuel oil furnaces.

New technologies

Many years after the first headquarter change, the business relationship between Taroni and his partner is interrupted. However, a set path and the will to undertake an even more demanding challenge give the definite boost. In this way begins the adventure of Fonderia Taroni snc, a close-knit group of people composed by Taroni’s wife and some trustworthy colleagues. The ‘toy’ works: the firm is expanding constantly and new energies are needed to give an impulse to a new period of research and experimentation of new technologies..

A new headquarter

The firm inaugurates a new plant – the present one – in Alfonsine. The growth goes on. The turnover rockets: +23% in 1998, +22% in 1999, and +16% in the following year. The business management quickly gets the continuous and sometimes unexpected changes of the competitive, economic and technological surroundings just in the same way as castings adjust to the foundry molds..

Robots arrive

This is the year for great strides. The need to meet the requirements of an increasingly stiffened and demanding market leads the company to acquire two anthropomorphous casting robot and the related computerized plants. This change is in line with the continuous improvement of both occupational safety and respect for the environment. A continuous search for innovation and qualità lead Taroni Foundry to considerably enlarge the range of offered products by including accessories for trains and ships, components for cars and motorbikes, design and furnishing, and biomedical components.

Excellent company

Taroni Foundry was rewarded with the CNA Excellent Companies award within the range of the excellent companies in Ravenna, also accessing the regional final stage.


Taroni Foundry’s Quality System is certified by the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 after the audit carried out by the certification authority DNV.

Excellent again

The company is once again finalist in the range of the CNA Excellent Companies award in Ravenna.

Alunetwork - business network

After 7 years of unofficial partnership, Taroni Foundry founds the business network Alunetwork

A succesful company

At present Taroni Foundry works in 25 different areas and is able to keep abreast with the demands of the market year after year.


Fonderia Taroni
Via dei Fabbri,2
48011 Alfonsine - RA
T +39 0544 84380
Email: info@fonderiataroni.com

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