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Foundry Process

2 robotic casting plants

A robot of 2 stations per plant can handle casting ranging from 1.3 lb to 8.8 lb. Every station is provided with 2 casting machines tilting to 45°, whose span is 5.4 ft.

  • rob-1
  • rob-11
  • rob-2
  • rob-3


3 Melting furnaces

High efficiency gas furnaces whose capacities are: 600 kg/1323 lb (the largest one) and 300kg/661 lb (the two smaller).

  • fornofus1
  • fornofus2
  • fornofus3


6 Electric furnaces

The capacity of these furnaces is 700 kg/1543 lb. Electric power supply was chosen to guarantee thermal and metallurgical stability.

  • forno1
  • forno2
  • forno3
  • forno4


16 Automatic casting machines

Taroni Foundry has 16 casting machines. Among these, two are tilting to 90° and two more are tilting to 45° and opening 5.4 ft

  • conc1
  • conc2
  • conc3
  • conc4


3 Degassing plants

Degassing plants are fundamental because, as regards alloys specific weight, they make us to achieve a better result. Specific weight is controlled by means of the specific scale and the vacuum pump.

  • bilancia
  • image001
  • image002


Mechanical workshop for mold mantenence

Our internal workshop is provided with manual machines for molds maintenance and setup.

  • off1
  • off2
  • off3
  • off4




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