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Quality System

From the customer’s idea we both create the mold and produce the goods required What make the difference ... An analysis lab where the compliance of the product is guaranteed UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality System



Taroni foundry - 40 years of gravity casting

fonderiataroni-logopiccoloTaroni Foundry, founded in 1974, boasts an accomplished tradition in aluminium die gravity casting. During the years, this company has been developing a high know-how in the production of aluminium components thanks to a particular inclination to technological innovation.

Bronze casting, the new production line for Fonderia Taroni

Fonderia Taroni has introduced a new production line of mergers in bronze alloys, running alongside the line production of light aluminum alloys castings.
Main alloys used are: Cu Al10 Fe4 and Cu Al10 Fe5 Ni5, but can also be used customized alloys upon customer request.
The main products manufactured are connector blocks for the railways and bushings up to 600 mm in diameter.

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AlunetworkAlunetwork is the business network created by Taroni Foundry in order to satisfy every customer’s requirement. Referring to only one interlocutor customers are led to the final product. The network is composed by independent firms which offer a series of services starting from the initial project to machining and assembling. Taroni Foundry is the project manager for all the projects acquired.

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