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  • From project to metal prototype in 7 days! Thanks to the metal rapid prototyping

    Taroni foundry offers quick rapid prototyping for metal parts. The most common type of metal prototyping is aluminum casting.  Rapid prototype aluminum castings can be created using investment casting or sand casting.

    Here is the photo gallery of the entire process:


    Benefits for the research and development department:

    • Quickly evaluate metal part design
    • Saving time and money
    • Produce metal prototypes in almost any metal material
    • Allow testing of the part in the actual production materials
    • Produce metal parts without expensive tooling
    • Reduce sampling time
    • Reduce lead time

    The cycle of the metal rapid prototyping:

    1. Analysis of 3D mathematical model (feasibility study, construction drafts casting systems and simulation) 
    2. Modeling of prestampo with parametric 3D CAD 
    3. Printing sampleswith 3D printing machine (high-speed complex shapes are obtained, even in the undercut, made in sand croning that can be employed in the foundry) 
    4. Casting, deburring and sandblasting 
    5. Any subsequent machining

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  • rapid metal protocasting
  • rapid metal protocasting
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