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Aluminum analysis laboratory

The foundry department has been structured with an aluminum foundry analysis laboratory.
During any phase of the production, the metallurgic and structural aspects of aluminium castings is kept under control according to the UNI norms.

Laboratory dotation

  • X-ray Machine (Bosello) it is possible to check casting shrinkage porosity in order to always keep under control the material during every phase of production.
  • Density Scale to measure the specific weight of every alloy.
  • Spectrometer (Spetromaxx) to control the chemical analysis of the aluminium (aluminium is checked at its arrival, during the production, and at every pouring from the tilting furnace).
  • Traction Machine to test the thoughtness of the alloys.
  • Stereo microscope
  • 7-axis 3d measuring arm

Video - RX aluminium casting

Gallery - Spectrographic analysis

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