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Aluminum Sustainability: Infinitely Recyclable, Uniquely Sustainable

Aluminum, a lightweight and durable material, stands out as a sustainable choice due to its infinite recyclability. As we strive for a more energy-efficient future, aluminum continues to be highly valuable offering innovative solutions and competitive advantages for businesses and consumers.

Aluminum is often referred to as the "green metal" due to its reduced environmental impact and sustainable properties. This versatile material plays a crucial role in creating eco-friendly solutions.

Known for its infinite recyclability, aluminum is highly recyclable and can be reused without losing its inherent value. Approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today, demonstrating its remarkable recycling capabilities.

Furthermore, aluminum offers numerous environmental and energy benefits. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for lightweight and sturdy structures. Compared to steel, aluminum can weigh up to 65% less, resulting in significant resource and energy savings during transportation and installation.

Another key feature of aluminum is its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The aluminum industry has made significant progress in reducing carbon intensity, with a 49% decrease in primary aluminum carbon intensity since 1991. Moreover, the U.S. industry has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 59% since 2005 and energy consumption by 55% since 1998.

Aluminum plays a vital role in promoting a circular economy. Its recyclability and durability enable materials to stay in circulation for extended periods, reducing the need for new resource extraction. This contributes to waste reduction and more efficient use of natural resources.

Aluminum finds diverse applications in industries such as automotive, construction, packaging, appliances, and more. For instance, aluminum beverage cans contain three to twelve times more recycled content compared to other competing packaging types. Additionally, vehicles incorporating aluminum components can achieve up to a 20% reduction in energy consumption throughout their life cycle.

The aluminum industry continues to innovate and develop solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and contribute to a more sustainable future. With its ecological characteristics and versatile applications, aluminum remains a preferred material for those seeking sustainable approaches in product design and manufacturing.

In conclusion, aluminum stands as the "green metal" thanks to its infinite recyclability, energy savings, and overall reduced environmental impact. Its versatility and sustainability make it a key choice for businesses and consumers embracing eco-friendly solutions. By utilizing aluminum, we can build a more sustainable future, promoting energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preserving natural resources. The aluminum industry continues to play a crucial role in advancing a circular economy and creating a greener and more sustainable world for future generations.

Fonderia Taroni has been utilizing aluminum for gravity casting for over 40 years, specializing in the production of medical devices, automotive and warehouse robotics, and instrument transformers. Fonderia Taroni aims to be a "green foundry" by continuously striving to make its manufacturing processes more sustainable. This includes the implementation of photovoltaic systems to generate electricity for furnaces and robots, monitoring CO2 emissions, reducing natural gas usage, and working towards ISO 50001 and Carbon Footprint certifications.

Through our efforts and future goals, we aim to achieve significant results:
✔️ 53% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources.
✔️ 90% of our waste is recovered through recycling activities.
✔️ A 10% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2015.

Thank you for your continued support. We will continue to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for your aluminum casting needs.

EN4300 vs EN42100

Why use aluminium alloy EN43300 instead of EN42100 in the permanent mold casting process

The aluminum alloy EN 42100 (equivalent to ASTM 356.2) and the EN 43300 alloy (equivalent to ASTM B179-82) are both used in the gravity casting process of aluminum, but they have significant differences.

In particular, the EN 43300 alloy is characterized by greater thermal stability compared to the EN 42100 alloy. This property makes it particularly suitable for use in the energy transformer sector, where high temperatures can negatively affect material performance.

Additionally, the EN 43300 alloy exhibits good corrosion and high temperature resistance, as well as greater hardness and mechanical strength compared to the EN 42100 alloy. This makes it suitable for the production of aluminum parts subject to high mechanical stress, such as engine or industrial machine parts.

Finally, the EN 43300 alloy also has better workability compared to the EN 42100 alloy, resulting in easier production of complex and high-quality parts.

Although both alloys are used in the aluminum gravity casting process, the EN 43300 alloy offers several advantages over the EN 42100 alloy, particularly in terms of thermal stability, mechanical strength, and workability, making it an ideal choice for energy transformers and other industrial applications.

EN 43300 - The answer to the need for corrosion and mechanical stress resistance for instrument transformers

The EN 43300 aluminum alloy (corresponding to ASTM B179-82 gravity casting standard) is a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, composed primarily of aluminum, copper, and magnesium. This alloy is mainly used in the instrument transformer industry, where ensuring maximum reliability and safety of the electrical system is essential.

Instrument transformers are devices that allow the transformation of electrical energy from one voltage to another, enabling the distribution of electrical energy over long distances. Thanks to its unique mechanical properties, the EN 43300 alloy is an ideal choice for the production of aluminum parts for instrument transformers.

EN 43300 alloy castings undergo aging heat treatment to give the alloy a unique combination of mechanical properties, such as high tensile, fatigue, and wear resistance.

Aluminum parts produced with EN 43300 alloy are ideal for use in instrument transformers due to their corrosion and mechanical stress resistance. For example, the EN AC 43300 alloy is used for the production of parts such as coils, cores, and brackets for instrument transformers.

The use of the EN 43300 aluminum alloy in instrument transformers ensures maximum reliability and safety of the electrical system. The corrosion resistance of the aluminum parts reduces maintenance and replacement costs for the transformer, improving the efficiency of the electrical system.

Furthermore, the use of EN 43300 alloy in the production of parts for instrument transformers offers economic advantages, thanks to the ease of processing the alloy, which reduces production time and costs.

The EN 43300 aluminum alloy is a great choice for the production of aluminum parts for instrument transformers due to its high strength, corrosion and mechanical stress resistance, ease of processing, and lightweight. Its ability to ensure maximum reliability and safety of the electrical system and reduce maintenance and replacement costs makes it an economical and sustainable choice for companies operating in the instrument transformer industry.


The EN 46400 aluminum alloy is a high-strength aluminum alloy composed mainly of aluminum, copper, and magnesium. Thanks to its unique properties, this alloy is ideal for producing aluminum parts for trucks. Its high strength, good resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, ease of processing, and lightweight make it a popular choice among heavy vehicle manufacturers.

Heat treatment gives the alloy a unique combination of mechanical properties, such as high tensile, fatigue, and wear resistance.

Aluminum parts produced with the EN 46400 alloy are ideal for use in trucks due to their lightweight and ability to withstand mechanical stress during the transport of heavy goods. For example, the EN 46400 alloy is commonly used for producing engine and transmission parts, structural parts, shock absorber components, steering parts, and many other mechanical parts.

The EN 46400 aluminum alloy has been developed for use in industrial applications that require high strength and corrosion resistance, such as the automotive, aerospace, and naval industries. Its corrosion resistance is particularly useful in the production of aluminum parts for trucks, as these vehicles are often exposed to harsh weather conditions and corrosive chemicals.

The use of the EN 46400 alloy in the production of aluminum parts for trucks also has economic benefits. Thanks to the lightweight of the aluminum parts, the total weight of the vehicle is reduced, improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, the ease of processing the alloy reduces production time and costs.

In summary, the EN 46400 aluminum alloy is a popular choice for producing aluminum parts for trucks thanks to its high strength, resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, ease of processing, and lightweight. Its ability to reduce the weight of the vehicle, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions makes it an economical and sustainable choice for heavy vehicle manufacturers.

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What is rapid metal protocasting?

Rapid metal protocasting is a process start with a 3D design of your new product and manufacturing it in the desired aluminum alloy using a sand mould in which the same alloy as the final product is cast.

You can also do mechanical tooling on the prototype as well as leak testing and other pre-processing, verifying the quality of the project.

This technique ensures fast implementation ranging from 7 to 14 days, depending on the complexity of the project.
Discover the 6 advantages of metal rapid protocasting:
  1. Reduce time to market: With 3D metal prototyping, the go-to-market time reduces drastically thus enabling companies to launch new products faster in the market. Shorter time to market means having a better ability to predict success.
  2.  Increased speed: One of the greatest advantages of metal rapid prototyping is the speed because it reduces the production time from years and months to weeks and days.
  3. Reducing Product Development Costs: Rapid prototyping lets you turn your concept into a test subject quickly and efficiently.
  4. Design freedom: Creation of complex designs, unlike traditional manufacturing methods which have its own design limitations.
  5. Eliminating the Risk of Product Failure: Metal rapid protocasting allows designers to discover and remedy any critical design flaws during the testing phase, before the product hits the market. This eliminates the risk of product failure and ensures the final product is of the highest quality.
  6. Improving User (and Stakeholder) Involvement: Prototypes created through metal rapid protocasting encourage collaboration and constructive feedback from vital sources, such as users and stakeholders. This helps to improve the overall design and functionality of the final product.

In conclusion, metal rapid protocasting is a highly efficient and versatile process that offers several benefits to companies looking to develop new products.

With its fast implementation time, design freedom, and ability to eliminate the risk of product failure, it's a popular choice for many businesses in the manufacturing industry.

By choosing Taroni Foundry, clients can be assured of receiving top-quality products made with top-choice materials and with unparalleled precision.
IN-WEST - 2022

18 OCTOBER 2022 - 18,00 (CET)

Fonderia Taroni is one of the promoters of "IN-WEST".
Event in which companies in the Ravenna (Italy) area can explore opportunities for collaboration with the state of INDIANA (USA), with particular with a focus on the three most important clusters in the state (Energy, Automotive, Healthcare)

If you are interested you can follow the live streameng of the various speeches on our YouTube channel


The Taroni Group is expanding!

 The FT-Casting Corp. is now operating in the United States.

FT-Casting is ready to handle all your technical and commercial services needs for the production of high-tech aluminum castings.

FT-Casting is based in the great state of Indiana and is available to deliver in 48 hours throughout the U.S. territory.

A complete service that favors the growth of client companies in an increasingly uncertain market.


 If you are experiencing delays with deliveries and an excessive increase in production costs, we have free capacity to support your business.

Our team has already found smart solutions for companies in Europe and in the USA.

We have developed capabilities that lead us to guarantee:

✔ One-time delivery
✔ Cost saving
✔ Short time samples
✔ Less transport cost
✔ Fast time to market
✔ Stock reduction

Our manufacturing resilience is not only the ability to produce consistent quality at reasonable costs and production times despite disruptions and uncertainties, but a way to improve and optimize processes ensuring the business continuity of our customers.

We are able to provide any mechanical components (fully machined parts, bent metals and castings) in a brief period of time.

Fonderia Taroni supplies ALUMINUM OIL PAN for trucks to automotive manufacturers.

 Fonderia Taroni supplies ALUMINUM OIL PAN for trucks to automotive manufacturers.

As always, we do not limit ourselves to supplying a simple raw casting.

The supply includes consulting to optimize costs and production times, prototyping, pre-series, production and in-house machining.

The strong specialization for automotive, medical device, instrument transformer, and robotics has led the company to be able to cast OIL PAN with dimensions ranging from 1000mm (3.3 feet) to 1500 mm (5 feet) on all dimensions (x,y,z) reaching a maximum of 200 Kg (440 lbs) of aluminum casting.

FT-MockUp-2Una nuova brochure per Fonderia Taroni.
All'interno è possibile trovare la descrizione dell'azienda e dei servizi offerti oltre che una panoramica sulle performance aziendali, gli obiettivi futuri, l'intervista alla direzione e diversi casi di studio dedicati al rapid protocasting e alla simulazione di colata nel settore biomedicale.

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 Fonderia Taroni will partecipate as exhibitor at EUROGUSS 2022 - International Trade Fair for Die Casting: Technology, Processes, Products

Well be Exhibiting at EUROGUSS and We Want to See You There!

Be sure to visit us at EUROGUSS
Nürnberg, 8-10 July 2022
where we'll have our expert staff on hand to answer questions, provide in-person demonstrations and discuss new opportunities.

Visit us at Booth 9-337/17, c/o stand ICE
Messezentrum - 90471 Nürnberg

For more information visit the official website

Fusioni in alluminio per la robotica di magazzino

Fonderia Taroni fornisce "gigacasting" in alluminio ai produttori di robot da magazzino.

Come sempre non ci limitiamo a fornire una semplice fusione grezza.
La fornitura comprende la consulenza per ottimizzare i costi e i tempi di produzione, la prototipazione, la pre-serie, la produzione e la lavorazione in house.
La forte specializzazione per dispositivi medici, trasformatori di strumenti, automotive e robotica ha portato l'azienda ad essere in grado di fondere "gigagastings" con dimensioni che vanno da 1000mm (3,3 piedi) a 1500 mm (5 piedi) su tutte le dimensioni (x,y,z) raggiungendo un massimo di 200 Kg (440 lbs) di fusione in alluminio.

Sempre più vicini al cliente

Sempre più vicini al cliente.

Siglato un nuovo accordo di collaborazione con un nuovo partner commerciale situato negli USA per offrire un supporto tecnico/commerciale vicino ai nostri clienti sul territorio.

Missed the live webinar?

Missed the live webinar?

“Innovate your market with gravity casting”

For those who missed the live webinar, it is possible to review the full version of the webinar, so that you can see it at any time and view the points that interest you most.


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